Perhaps it is the increasingly long nights, perhaps it is the hard chill in the air... whatever it is, it has sent The Graveyard Stompers into a highly energetic and creative state.

After many crazy nights of experimentation, we have come up with several deathly delicious concoctions for our new set of Creepy Cocktails! We will be sharing them all here with you soon.

Also, the new tunes are pouring out of us like screams from #22.  Really good stuff! We are looking forward to bringing all of these to you very soon, too!   Enjoy this cold, dead winter!  We are!


Happy Halloween!

The Graveyard Stompers would like to thank all our faithful Gravediggers (and also the newly unearthed) who followed us throughout this most excellent of seasons!  We are now (de)composing new material and are anxious to rise up again soon.  

We are honored to have been given a shout out in the Indy Star by our ghoulish good fiend, Sammy Terry! Check it out!

Happy Halloween, and...scare ya later!


You're Still Here!

Looks like you all are still among the living.  Well, seeing as Doomsday wouldn't affect the dead, your favorite dead band has been busy planning all sorts of decadence for 2013.  Look for new cover tunes and originals at our next show.  New Creepy Cocktails and maybe even a new music video on the way!                                        Yes Lucky  '13 will be a good year...




Black Hat Bash

Tonight (Friday, Oct. 12, 6-9:30 p.m.) at the Indianapolis Children's Museum!  

Featuring food stations from area restaurants, spellbinding spirits and beverages, costume parade, games and activities, lights-on and frightening tours of the Haunted House, and your favorite spooky band,                         THE GRAVEYARD STOMPERS!!!

Tickets available at the door