DR. UMKIT        

A doc in the day, and a drummer at night.
The hours were too much, he was wound up too tight.

He fell off the radar and went slightly mad
Began killing whomever would make him feel bad.                            

“The Doctor is in” he always would shout
As his knife would go in, and their life would pour out.                     

He was sure, when performing this terrible task,
To have his face hidden ‘neath a surgical mask.                               

That way he could use gigging to drum up his victims
He'd lure them with music and then he would stick them.                 

Till once, he was met by a local bar denizen
Who stole the doc’s blade and said “Taste your own medicine.”  

Alas…  he got his own knife turned on him
He got slashed in the face. The outcome was grim.

Now he’s back from the dead and up to his tricks
With a smile on his face and a new set of sticks.